My Healing Journey out of Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Theology

My journey to be free of spiritual manipulation and to find truth and wholeness, and yoga’s part in all this.

Day 22: A Silent Retreat

Last week I went on a two day, two night silent retreat, leaving home on Wednesday at 11;30 a.m. and arriving back on Friday at 1 p.m., I went to a Catholic Hermitage where I stayed in a very simple cabin and sat on the porch, walked the trails, relaxed on the dock the juts…

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Day 21: Wu Wei

I met with the loveliest Ayurvedic practitioner a few weeks ago. We were talking about difficulties in making decisions. She told me a wonderful story. One day, she was discussing the same thing-making decisions- with her guru. (YES! I have an acquaintance who sat under a guru! ) Her guru said, “What if you just…

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Day 20: Lost Friendships

I’d like to say, first, that I felt your prayers and peaceful thoughts last week as I struggled to regain my inner peace. I am doing much better. Thank you so much, readers, for your care. There’s an interesting thing that happens when we follow the church rules of women’s coffee klatch engagement. The main…

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Day 19: We Crazy Idiots

Last week I was in the local emergency room with my 19 year old daughter who has disabilities which sometimes cause pretty severe emergent issues. It isn’t often we “get to go local”. Usually we need to race almost an hour to the big city to a larger hospital that has EEG equipment. But this…

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Day 18: I’m a Freak Sometimes

I’m a freak sometimes! Today, for instance. I thought I was going along fine. I’m healing inside, right?! Well. Then, I got a scheduling email from my daughter’s piano teacher and got completely triggered. I felt like she was pushing me to choose a different time slot for this fall than the one I had…

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